M.DiFoggio is the one and only plumber you need to handle your commercial service.


Currently, M.DiFoggio handles plumbing for over 20 business all around Chicagoland.  Some of our clients have been with us for almost 40 years.  From manufacturing to high rises, restaurants to candy shops, we handle any need with fast turnaround so you can get back to business without a hitch.


We also offer maintenance programs, so we can keep your pipes up and running year round.  It’s a great, worry free way to maintain your plumbing.


Please give us a call.  We’ll treat your business the way we treat ours – with love and respect.


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We Specialize In The Following Commercial Services



• Office buildings/ restaurants
• Hospitals/ extended care facilities
• Schools, colleges/ universities
• Dormitories/ campus housing
• Multi family/ senior living residences **
• Retail centers/ shopping malls
• Churches/ day care/ museums
• Entertainment/ hospitality
• Mid-rise commercial
• Manufacturing/ distribution centers/ warehouses

With these services


• Electric Rodding (Main lines, toilets, sinks, tubs, down spouts)
• Hydro-Jetting
• Video Inspection of Sewer
• Sewer Tape Recordings
• Water Proofing
• Frozen Pipes Thawed Out
• Water Leaks Repaired
• New Water Lines Installed
• Sump and Ejector Pumps Newly Installed and Replaced
• Flood Controls
• Check-valves installed, repaired, replaced
• Basins Cleaned and Repaired
• Toilets Installed and Repaired
• Broken Pipe Above and Below Ground Repaired
• Dye Testing
• Private Drain Program
• Street Openings
• Lift Stations
• Grease Traps Cleaned, Repaired, and Installed
• Trenching services for other contractors
• Locating Services
• Restaurant Code Violations