fix clogged and backed up sink and toilet

M.DiFoggio Plumbing & Sewer Contractors is Chicago’s top plumbing and sewer service provider. Open for over 100 years, our company guarantees that we’ve seen and handle every residential and commercial plumbing emergency that you can imagine. No matter what you need, our plumbers have seen it and fixed it.


Whether it’s a one bedroom apartment with a leaky faucet or a 500 seat restaurant that needs a complete pipe overhaul, no plumbing challenge is too great or too small.  We give every customer our full attention and don’t walk away until the job is done. Our top of line equipment, trained professionals and family friendly atmosphere is why many of our clients have been coming back for decades. We treat every home, business and office as if it were our own.


If you are a residential owner, commercial owner, service contractor or property manager we have the perfect plumber for your project.


We look forward to handling your working for you soon!

Over 100 Years of Plumbing Services in Chicago

The story of M.DiFoggio plumbing begins in 1887 Chicago.


Our great grandparents, fresh off the boat from the old country, started the company with only an idea and a plan. They began working for families and small business in Chinatown and slowly built trust and confidence in their surrounding neighborhood.


Even back then, our customer service was top notch and always attentive to the needs of our community.


As the business of plumbing began to grow in Chicago, M.DiFoggio never lost sight of what was important – great service at a great value and today, just like in 1887, we treat every customer’s home, office or business as if it was our own.


We only work with top of the line equipment and the best-trained plumbers and we look forward to the next 100 years of helping Chicago handle its plumbing needs.


We hope to add you to our growing family!

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