fix clogged and backed up sink and toilet


Just like you, after a hard day’s work we go to our home.  And just like you, we understand the importance of having great plumbing in that home!  This is why M.Diffogio should be your first call when it comes to the pipes in your house.  From a leaky faucet to a broken sump pump, no job is too big or too small.


M.DiFoggio Plumbers service Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.  Between our fast turnaround, flexible payment arrangements and even discounts for seniors, we work with you to fit in your schedule and budget.  We use the latest in jetting machines for cleaning sewers and all our equipment is upgraded and top of the line so the job can get done right.


Please call us.  We look forward to making your home the best it can be for your family.


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We Specialize In The Following Residential Plumbing Services

Traditional full service plumber and sewer service company.


• Plumber for Homeowners and Landlords
• Condo Plumbing Services
• Plumbing for Renters
• 2 and 3 Flat owners (owner on property plus tenants)


With these services


• Leak Diagnosis & Repair
• Drain Cleaning and Rodding
• Toilet Repair and Toilet Upgrades
• Hot Water Heater Repair and Installation
• Sink and Garbage Disposals Repair and Installation
• Faucets Uprades and Repair
• Ejector and Sump Pump Repair
• Battery Back-Up Sump Pump Installation
• Tank-less Water Heater Setup and Repair
• Fix Frozen Pipes and Thaw Outs
• New water pipes and sewer installation